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I am chinese and I was born in the middle of china and grown up in the south. but I currently don't know any chinese dish made by avocados. but I love guacamole and chips and salad with avocados. I live on the top of hill of jianshelu(yunshangcheng xiaoqu) and the supermarket downstair sells mexican avocados as 76.00/kg for quite few months. but my boyfriend and I are probably the only ones buying it. so they probably throw A LOT! please someone live around come and save some avocados. they are quite expensive and compares to the market around still cheaper. and only 10 minutes from wenhuaxiang and 5 minutes from banzhucuiyuan.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bike Stealing in Kunming

Public bike system is working very well in Zhuhai in past few years. you risgister in the system with your ID card. then get a bike card to check in when you borrow and check out when you return. very convenient. especially around seaside, there are a lot of bike stations so people can enjoy the view by bike whenever and wherever they want.


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