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Bad Monkey is a great place for heavy drinkers and tourists. The bar looks nice, chairs are ok and the bartenders are friendly.

The managers of the Bad Monkey are cool. They love to joke around with their staff and friends. They make and sell their own beer from a brewery they opened in 2012.

The food is ok. The only thing that I find weird is the cheese. They have a Sunday Roast every Sunday night at 7:30. It's basically a plate of roast meat, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, stuffing and gravy. It comes with a glass of wine or any other drink you prefer.

They have live music everyday, sometimes only on certain days.

Come to Bad Monkey if you need a break from a hard day's work. An hour before dark is fine, this way you can get a seat before it's packed with groups of people.