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Thanks for the info!

Our Zaiwa and Meyor/Zakhring/Zaiwa are separated by lots of mountain ridges, and probably belong to different branches of the language family, so the differences could be quite enormous.

Mails are welcomed to:

Devil's advocates and Coolness are all much needed in this age full of changes.

"Our" Zaiwa language is not on the EndangeredLanguages site. (Thanks for the link though, Yereth!) Meyor/Zakhring/Zaiwa is another language, just remotely related to what we speak here, and more endangered.

Glad to see the helpful discussion here and thank you so much for your interest and response. I don't need to say more about the value of revitalizing ethnic languages and cultures. Just want to emphasize that Prop Roots is a project that aims for a better future for the Jingpo children. We are using language, culture and art education as tools. The ultimate goal is not conservation, but empowering the Jingpo children with their own culture and their own creativity. We believe the most powerful weapon against drugs is their confidence, and courage to pursuit their dreams.


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