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Forums > Food & Drink > being vegan in Kunming

Ask that they do no put ji jing or zhu you (chicken stock or pork oil) into the food when you order veggie dishes. Also, if you say su cai (vegetarian) you might still get fish and brine shrimp in the food. I have on occasion. If you cover all the bases, you may get something decent. Most Chinese will respect your religious requirements (even if you fake them) to accommodate you. If you say you are a Buddhist, fo jiao and say a mi tou fo, they will get the idea you do not want any animal products in your food.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Any advice for Guest house/Hotel stay with Breakfast in Kunming

I am staying at the Jing Wang (Kinn One) hotel on Beijing Lu just north of the North Train Station for 98rmb a night with breakfast. It is clean and quiet here. I am sure they might have a larger bed for about 120 a night. However, prices change. It might be more in Februrary. That is around the Chinese New Year. Try for suitable hotels.


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