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Funny how these stories go around.
Simply look at the figures:
233bn pound fund for the toilet revolution.
That is about 2.3 trillion RMB.
Compare that with the Chinese military spending which is budgeted this year for 1.04 trillion RMB.
So we have to believe that China will spend 2.3 times more on toilets that on its military. Well that would be indeed a revolution.
2.3 trillion RMB for a 100,000 toilets would be 23.3 million per toilet. Well that is a lot of money so no wander that it will be spend on face recognition technology.
For me this falls under the heading “fake news”.


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Yeb we all know P99 likes Alpha males like Alex Jones and the likes and we are all looking forward to his performance of his rock songs.

For those not familiar with P99 lyrics I like to point you to this earlier work of him called 'Bakery 88'
Oh,....the ciabatta with cheese.
Theres so much cheese on the bread,
(and enough butter too),
that you almost feel guilty being treated with it for 26 yuan.
Its like buying a cheese with some bread.
Excellent place!

Looking back at Yunnan,
its like a miracle something has succeeded like Bakery 88.



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