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Chatly Webinar: WeChat Initial Touchpoints

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Chatly Webinar: WeChat Initial Touchpoints: How to Optimize the New User Experience

What You’ll Learn:
In this webinar we’ll introduce the 5 core initial consumer touchpoints that a follower will engage with within the first week of following an Official Account and teach you how to optimize each of those touchpoints.

Following these optimization tips has been shown to increase acquisition, binding rates, and conversions to loyalty programs + purchases.

The webinar will share findings from original research done by Chatly drawing on data from 67 beauty brand WeChat Accounts, and will share real life examples to illustrate each touchpoint.

While examples in the webinar will be pulled from beauty brands, the webinar content is relevant for a wide variety of brands and brands from all industries are encouraged to attend.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone working for a global brand that would like to learn how to optimize the new user experience and make your brand’s WeChat Official Account stand out.

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