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Forums > Living in Kunming > Is living in China hazardous to your health?

I recommend using an ozone generator (臭氧机)to clean your fruit and vegetables, and even meat. They can be ordered on Taobao, or maybe also found here in the city- I think the wicker basket used to sell them at one point, not sure if they still do.

Ozone kills more harmful bacteria than chlorine, also removes most pesticide residue and other harmful things... we have been using it for several years and enjoying lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

here are a couple research links to start with, there is lots more out there-

Forums > Living in Kunming > Official documents

With the rampant theft around here there is no way I would carry originals... the mafan of having to replace them is just too great. Especially since there are no consulates in Kmg, one would have to travel to the closest consulate/embassy of their home country with no papers...

I would rather deal with a grumpy police officer and explain to them why I don't carry the originals.

Forums > Living in Kunming > The Wicker Basket

Hi CL... KIA is an international school here in town, and there is a WB there. Here is a link to KIA's website with their mapped location. The WB is inside the apartment complex just past the basketball courts on the left side.


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