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Forums > Living in Kunming > How are Black-Aqmericans treated?

I think you'll find that it's less racism and more intense curiosity that leads to seemingly racist comments or actions. I think that most of what people have said here have been left by cranky expats. They have blown it out of proportion a bit and you likely enjoy most of your interactions with Chinese here (unless you're stuck in traffic or cause any trouble in Kundu). Anyway, this link gives an interesting look at life for foreigners in China.[...]


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Easy there, bro, I don't think anyone's trying to take your meat away. No one even mentioned the word vegetarian. But the fact is that choosing chicken or fish (or vegetables) over beef will conserve far more water than cutting out car washes or halving shower times. And if you are a serious body builder, you know there are equally good, and arguably better, sources of protein than beef. Not to mention that fact that arguing against water conservation for your own muscle admiration is rather disingenuous.

True, agriculture uses about 70% of the world's water, but factories make up a large portion of the remaining 30%. So cutting personal use unfortunately has little overall impact. Every Chinese is responsible for the consumption of close to 2000 liters of water per day when everything is averaged together, but that's still way lower than much of the modern world. Eating less less meat, especially beef, is definitely the best way we have to conserve water as individuals. It takes about 13,000 liters of water just to produce one kilo of beef.


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