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Hi! :)

I am looking for advice from Yunnan experts as well as some information about small roads in southern and southeastern yunnan.

I made a google map where three possible routes are considered:

As it can be seen on the map, the roads in question are:
- G213 (from Jinghong till Mengxing Nanyangcun next to Lvshilin forest park)
- S218 (from Menxing Nanyangcun to Jiangcheng)
- S218 (from Jiangcheng to Mojiang)
- S214 (from Jiangcheng to Jianshui)

We are considering hitch-hiking (for free) on smaller roads. On April 15th we will depart from Jinghong and will try to reach Kunming on April 19th. Thus we have 4 full days (plus one day to reach Kunming) to spend on these smaller roads.

Questions I would like to ask are:
- Is there traffic on these roads? Aren't they almost deserted? Do we have a chance to hitch-hike someone there?

- Which is the most scenic / worth the visit route of the three?

- Will four days be enough to take one of these routes (combined with stopping once in a while, having a break here and there, staying somewhere for a night, seeing rice terraces maybe, etc.)?

- Are there buses to get us out for money in case hitch-hiking does not work out at some point?

All experiences and hints are welcome.

Thank you,

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Dali-Lincang-Lancang-Jinghong anybody?

I was hoping to hitch-hike from Dali to Lancang in two days to go to Menglian festivals on April 10th and 11th. Alternatively, a sleeper bus could do nicely.

What is the current situation about that Lincang - Lancang section?
How should I plan my travel?


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Where can I get these times?

If the last ferry is around 17:00, there is not chance. Ain't gonna run like that with my girlfriend.

I wonder, if I start in the morning (first bus from Lijiang) from Qiaotou, can I somehow make it to the early bus from Daju to Lijiang next day (7:30)?

I read this post with interest. Although, I am not a biker, I will do a part of your route by hitch-hiking.

Would you be so kind to describe road sections from Lincang - Lancang - Menghai - Jinghong in terms of car traffic? Are there a lot of cars? Do we stand a chance to get a ride?


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