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Market-driven industry practice. Some countries have strict anti-discrimination laws, and the culture of acceptance and at least manners. But for now, providing English education is big bucks in China, and currently money trumps manners. Sad situation, some reforms happening in the industry (positive reforms or not, is another question), butmaybe one day anti-discrimination reform will come.

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Baidu lists the Chenggong branch as 塔矣段迎宾旅社(036乡道)附近, which appears to be up the road to the west of Luosiwan/South Coach Station.


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I think creationists also claim some scientific proof for their position (presumably making different interpretations than evolutionists), but also relying upon more than science alone. Existence does not derive or consist of intellect alone, but also of the heart and the soul. Evolutionists usually do not comprehensively address existence in this way. Thus the theories have different purposes, so try and contrast them on a scientific basis alone (even when one cannot fully disprove the other anyway) is only looking at part of the picture. Apples and oranges.

Being tongue-in-cheek I used the emotive term propaganda. If there were ulterior motives of evolutionists, it would be to claim they have through science "disproved" an alternative explanation of origins such as creationism, proponents of which do not usually purport to rely on science alone anyway. However as you agreed, even science has not proven evolutionism. Thus to claim that it has, doesn't that seem something like propaganda?

My comment was intended to be tongue-in-cheek, following on from the discussion on the other thread recently about evolutionism. I was just saying, like Alien indicated above, that this is a theory not beyond doubt as to its validity, and open to revision and reinterpretation. Other forms of science are verified through experimentation and observation, but that does not apply to evolutionism, for which those methods are not available. Despite all of this, pronouncements by evolutionists seem to be treated unquestionedly as fact rather than speculation and interpretation.


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