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Forums > Living in Kunming > Lindy hop or Argentine tango, anyone?

Hello! Just moved to the city and am wondering if there are any opportunities to swing dance or tango in Kunming. Is there somewhere people go here for lindy hop/tango? Would anyone be interested in trying to start up some sort of weekly social dance thing? (Would love to meet any salsa dancers out there, as well, if there are any!)


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Great to see these issues in the gokunming spotlight! Too often local news media turn a blind eye to these sorts of "sensitive" topics. For those interested in finding out more about what international NGOs are doing in Kunming to combat HIV/AIDS among most at-risk populations, I invite you to check out the Population Services International (PSI) China website at The success stories in the "Improving Health in China" section are probably the most interesting, and give a voice to some of the people on the front lines of Yunnan's fight against the virus/disease.

PSI/China has been working with injecting drug users for the past nine years and with female sex-workers for the past seven, primarily via peer education. We're excited to have started our own needle and syringe exchange program here in Kunming last month at our injecting drug user drop-in center, thanks to Daytop Rehab support!

It's an interesting challenge to be an international NGO working in China, home of the oxymoronic "governmental non-governmental organization" and a general public still largely unfamiliar with what non-profits are and how they function. PSI is a global leader in the "social marketing" technique that Jiang Li mentions, yet is unable to fully engage in such activities in China due to government suspicion of such a private sector-like approach. (Check out to learn why selling products/services at a highly subsidized price can be a more effective technique than simply giving things away to at-risk groups.)


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