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The zoo is distressing but hundred percent better than a few years ago so hopefully can only get better.Went last week and was looking beutiful with all the cherry trees in blossom. A mellow atmosphere with families out enjoying Kunming at its best. Zoo gardens worth a visit, early mornings lots of retired people out exercising and showing off their birds singing skills.Dont look in the cages and you can have a few quite hours in the middle of Kunming city.You can eyeball the fish for a bit of nature gazing.Impressive collection in all shapes and colours.Entrance fee only 10 yuan.


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Came with some friends for a beer and was impressed with the antipasti that we ordered with it. Was well presented with a great selection of hummus, olives,roasted peppers,pickled vegetables and home made bruchetta .Enough for three .Could have been in Italy, a nice atmosphere.Left with some home made bread and cookies.