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I have known John almost 40 years. We lived about a mile apart in the shadow of Peavine Mt outside of Reno, Nevada. When he was thinking about having children he borrowed my twin boys for a couple of days to
see if he wanted any. Well we know he has two kids now so I guess that worked out OK. Jon took a class from me at TMCC in video production to help with his creative writing class at Sparks High. The kids loved him and his style of teaching. He also wrote a column at a local newspaper and cover my trip to Guatemala for a documentary about salt mining. His energy level has always been high and the word "NO" isn't in his vocabulary. I saw him build his rock house and studio with help from friends and neighbors and it still sits in the shadow of Peavine. Seeing him in many bands through the years it is no surprise that he is still playing in China. Music is in his soul and I have taken photos of the many bands he was in. He played many a party at my house and is still a close friend. He lives in China and I live in Hawaii and that is about as far as you can get from Nevada but you can't escape the sounds of John Nevada Lundemo !


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