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Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreigner buying apartment in Kunming

Something all of you seem to have in common, although didn't say directly, is that you have/had wives who are citizens of the PRC at the time of property purchase? I assume that laowai are not allowed to buy up Chinese real estate (inexpensive relative to US/European prices) unless married to a PRC citizen, true? Or are 1+ year residence and 1-property limit the only requirements of foreigners now? If that's the case, I'd think we would have heard more about foreign investment driving the price of apartments even higher.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Does Anyone Know Where This 5-Floor Computer Mart Is?

There's a huge electronics complex on Yuantong Bei Lu 圆通北路 (the street that runs along the east side of the zoo), between Yi Er Yi Da Jie 一二一大街 and Yuanxi Lu 圆西路. Yuanxi Lu is the street that runs downhill east from of YunDa's east gate 云南大学东二门. Maybe this is what you heard about?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Question re:Passport amended pages for visas

I'd like to travel to Nepal and maybe some other countries next month, but my passport doesn't have anymore completely-blank pages. I considered going to the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu to have new pages stitched in, but just now read on a visa expediting website ( that "Amendment pages in the back of the passport are not suitable for visa stamps."

I have not seen this mentioned on any official consulate websites, so I'm wondering if it's true. If so, what to do? My passport doesn't expire until 2017. I still have a few partially-blank pages for stamps, just no more completely-blank pages for a visa to be glued onto. I don't suppose they would be able to glue it over an expired visa or a page with just one stamp from several years ago? Thanks.

Forums > Living in Kunming > How to buy things on US Amazon then ship to kunming??

On a related note, about 8 weeks ago a friend in the U.S. mailed a small package of dry goods to me at my coordinator's office address at YunDa which still hasn't arrived at the office or at the YunDa campus post office. Any suggestions on how to track it down? She didn't keep the tracking number. Among other small items inside the package was a bag of Cheerios — does food tend to get confiscated by postal officials?


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It's nice to see the city making efforts to preserve/improve its green spaces. There are so few parks large enough to throw a frisbee around in. Would have loved to have seen the Nov. 31 groundbreaking ceremony — for some reason, I have no recollection of what I did that day...


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