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Did not need wife's hukou (did need her temporary Kunming residence permit because she's not from Kunming), nor vaccine proof (might be a new thing), or letter of invitation as of May 2021 when I renewed. Would be interested to hear if these new rules are official now for the marriage visa/resident permit.

Also, as far as I've been told by the PSB, for marriage you can either get a one year visa without a health check or two years with one, the price for the visa is the same (double it if you want one for two years), but I renewed a one year visa and did not have to pay the additional cost of the health check.

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Just a quick update, I signed up for the HSK today and in addition to the fees mentioned above there was a 75 RMB fee for processing and mailing the certificate (to a Kunming address). The test is only available for the computer based version and you can only sign up online for the test center in Songming. Dali is also doing the test but the website says you have to sign up in person at the test center.

Forums > Study > HSK Info needed

Please note these are the prices for taking the HSK Exam in China only. The prices around the world will vary depending on your location.

Exam Level Price in CNY
HSK 1 150
HSK 2 250
HSK 3 350
HSK 4 450
HSK 5 550
HSK 6 650


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