Yuansheng Studio is a folk-based, non-profit organization registered with the Yunnan Province Bureau of Civil Affairs. Founded in 2004, the organization works to identify carriers of ethnic cultural heritage in the Yunnan countryside and assist them in teaching their heritage to the next generation. Yuansheng also organizes regular performances of traditional Yunnan music and dance in China and around the world to further its mission and promote the value of traditional culture.

The venue comprises the Yuansheng Gallery, the Yuansheng Designer Studio and the Yuansheng Restaurant/Tea Courtyard

Listing info
  • NameYuansheng Fang
  • Address101 Xiba Lu (inside The Loft), Kunming
  • MOBILE15987188099,18669033866
  • Phone(0871) 64195697
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Yuansheng Fang • 101 Xiba Lu (inside The Loft)

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