Caoxi Temple is the sixth batch of key cultural relics protection units in the country. It is located 1 kilometer west of Anning Hot Spring and at the foot of Longshan Mountain. There is a pearl spring in the south of the temple, with the "Three Tides of Holy Water" in the north, sitting west to east, overlooking the Tanglang River, and facing "the best soup in the world". Caoxi Temple was built during the Dali Kingdom in the Song Dynasty. The existing buildings in the temple include the Daxiong Hall, Apse, Bell and Drum Tower. The overall layout of the building is a common courtyard style, and the main hall Baohua Pavilion is a rare wooden palace in the country.

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  • NameCaoxi Temple
  • AddressLongxi Lake, Wenquan Street, Anning, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68631013
  • Hours8:30am-6:00pm
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Caoxi Temple • Longxi Lake, Wenquan Street, Anning

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