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  • NameWuwei Restaurant
  • AddressWenmiao Zhijie, Gejia courtyard, Kunming
  • Mobile15087118598
  • Hours10:00-22:00 every day
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Wuwei Restaurant • Wenmiao Zhijie, Gejia courtyard


Wuwei is the main store the brand of Amomo Mushrooms which provide customer the physical experience of Yunnan Mushrooms, the restaurant focusing on private banquets of wild mushrooms in Yunnan and Yunnan local ecological Yunnan cuisine.
Wuwei always want guests feel at home. The restaurant only serves two table each day to keep customer’s personal privacy. It’s one of the best places for the business meal in Kunming.

Every dish in Wuwei has been carefully choiced and has undergone a lot of practice by the chefs. While learning and integrating popular tastes, it can be customized for private parties, business banquets, friends gathering, or Sunday family dinners, etc.
Just like the brand concept of Amomo Mushroom, “let the beauty happen naturally,” Wuwei treat the customers’ relationship as the same way: the connection between people is naturally occurrence, as a mushroom life circulation from born to end. Wuwei presented the concept in a different form, allowing customers to experience and feel, a different wild mushroom feast.
Please make the reservation 3 days in advance


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