Thai café with Thai food cooked by Thai people

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  • NameKarn Chonburi Restaurant and Café
    Karn 春武里 泰式小餐馆
  • AddressHongshan Dong Lu, Banzhu Cuiyuan, Backstreet Block 13-10, Kunming
    昆明虹山东路版筑翠园后街 1310号商铺一层
  • MOBILE19988585849
  • Hours10:30am - 9:00pm
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Karn Chonburi Restaurant and Café • Hongshan Dong Lu, Banzhu Cuiyuan, Backstreet Block 13-10

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Had an excellent massaman curry beef together with prawn chips and Thai green tea. All yummy and authentic. The owners are super nice and friendly. Highly recommended


สวัสดี ครับ! Went there for the first time today and had the Red Curry and a Thai milk tea. Twas awesome and definitely worth a visit for those who are craving authentic Thai flavor.