Kunming Hasfarm Flowers, previously known as Yunnan Taikoo Flowers, is part of an international group which is one of the largest floricultural producers in Asia. In China we operate two farms under the name of Kunming Hasfarm, with a total size of 35 hectares. In Vietnam we have three farms under the name of Dalat Hasfarm with a total cut flower production of over 100 hectares. Besides that, the group is also active in floricultural distribution around Asia, with selling own farm products in most countries in Asia and also offering an additional sourced assortment. In Asia alone we have more than 3,000 employees who are working very dedicated to supply the Asian with a high quality product.

To assure the highest quality and supply of the newest and most exclusive varieties, the company is also active in young plant production under the name of Hasfarm Young Plants. This is being done in a state of the art tissue culture lab and high-tech nurseries in both China and Vietnam. Annually more than 200 million cuttings are being produced in cooperation with the most renewed breeders from The Netherlands, Denmark, Japan and other countries. Part of the young plants are being used in own cut flower production and part is being exported to advanced markets like Netherlands, Japan and USA. Also in China a wide assortment of cuttings is being offered to local growers.

We believe that high-tech is essential to guarantee the markets with the highest quality possible. That’s why mostly high-tech European greenhouses are being used, while using the latest production techniques under supervision of foreign specialists. Besides that, the company is always studying and implementing new production standards to become more sustainable, as we believe that this is an essential part of the long-term future of the industry.

In the Chinese market, we are offering a wide cut flower assortment from both our Chinese and Vietnamese farm: spray and standard chrysanthemum, hydrangea, alstroemeria, rose, carnation and green wicky. Besides this we also offer some flowering pot plant products. For exports markets we can offer an even wider assortment.

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昆明海盛园艺有限公司(原云南太古花卉)隶属于跻身亚洲领先花卉生产商之列的一家国际集团公司。在中国,我们经营着两个花卉生产基地,总面积达35公顷,归于昆明海盛园艺名下;在越南,我们经营着三个花卉生产基地,鲜切花生产面积总计超过100公顷,归于Dalat Hasfarm名下。仅在亚洲,我们的员工就有3000多名。



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  • NameKunming Hasfarm Flowers & Hasfarm Young Plants
    昆明海盛花卉 & 海盛种苗
  • AddressXiaojie Town, Songming County, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 67981151
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Kunming Hasfarm Flowers & Hasfarm Young Plants • Xiaojie Town, Songming County

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