Zen Buddhist nunnery that underwent an enormous expansion and renovation project in 2014.

On clear days, commands some of the best views over Kunming available anywhere in the city.

Check out our article on the 700 year-old landmark here.

Xuning Temple is located in Chang Chong Mountain in the northern suburb of Kunming. It was built in the Yuan Dynasty and has a history of more than 700 years. The temple covers a large area and has complete facilities. It is particularly worth mentioning that all the Buddha statues in the main hall are carved from a single piece of white marble, which is gentle and white, with noble quality.

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  • NameXuning Temple
  • AddressEastern slope of Changchong Mountain (near Longquan Lu), Kunming
  • HoursDaily: 9am-5pm
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Xuning Temple • Eastern slope of Changchong Mountain (near Longquan Lu)

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The road up to the Temple is OK for cars and e-bikes, if a little bumpy. The temple itself is great - large, interesting and very quiet. No ticket, great views, worth the trip. I took off one star as there's a lot of building work at the rear but no real issue.


Visited for the second time a few days ago. It's quite a hike up the mountain from Longquan Lu, but offers great views over the city and is one of the bigger temples in the area.

Close to 978, Botanical Gardens and Black Dragon Pool it's a great place to start a little day trip.