Private archery club. 50 yuan per hour for non-members, 30 yuan for members. 30-minute instructional seminar required upon first visit stressing bow safety, posture and technique.

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  • NameKunming Chivodo Archery Club
  • AddressXiaoximen, Dechun Telecom Building, 4011, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65350638
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Kunming Chivodo Archery Club • Xiaoximen, Dechun Telecom Building, 4011

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I love this place! I found it on Baidu maps last October and have been going quite regularly since then and have seen marked improvement in my archery skill. It's so nice to have a new cool thing like this to do in Kunming, and so conveniently located! (For me anyway) It is worth noting that in order to practice there you will need to take a class with the owner to get you familiar with the gear, technique and safety and that this instruction is only available in Chinese. Without this initial class he won't let you practice there unless you can somehow prove that you are already a skilled archer so you'll want to go with a friend that speaks good Chinese if you aren't fluent. 50 kuai an hour for non-members, 30 kuai for members. Membership requires putting some money in an account there, think it's around 200 kuai. The initial class is included in the hourly rate. There are an assortment of different difficulty levels of bows so beginners, kids, and people with lower strength levels can get in on the fun too. Great place for a date! Rule #1 Never, ever dry-fire a bow without an arrow in it!