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Chongqing-style hot pot restaurant.

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  • NameXiaolongkan Chongqing Hot Pot
  • Address 19 Dongfeng Xi Lu, Wuhua Plaza 2F,next to Shuncheng, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 63329886
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Xiaolongkan Chongqing Hot Pot • 19 Dongfeng Xi Lu, Wuhua Plaza 2F,next to Shuncheng

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Hot pot chain from Chongqing. One of the most popular places of its kind in Kunming recently. The decoration is quite traditional Chinese. I like the numb peppers they use, which are very similar to authentic Chongqing style. They don't accept reservations. We got there around 6pm and had to wait for almost one hour to get a table. A good place but sometimes too noisy.