Wuyan Wuyu Dance provides a variety of courses for students at all levels, including:

Modern Dance Technique Course

A Martha Graham Technique class. The course is designed to lead the participants to discover the variety of modern dance training systems.

In this class, participants would improve the contraction of the body and discover new movement possibilities and ideas for dance.

This class focuses on contraction-stretch techniques and the use of dantian, breathing, the floor–body relationship, floor movement techniques and movement training.


As the most valuable and scientific training dance, ballet is the basic training for dancing.

This class focuses on the physical form and enhancing muscle skills. Classes will start with some stretching and simple barre to locate and train the specific muscle needed for that day's work.

Chinese Classical Dance

The Chinese character shen (身) is a general term for 'body shape', while yun (韵) refers to the overall manner and style of a dancer and the meaning behind his/ her movements. Combined, they make shenyun, which is the most important skill in Chinese Classical Dance.

This course focuses on body alignment, musicality and technique using shenyun. In this course, selections of specially designed, short combinations are introduced to help students to understand how movements are connected. Fluidity and expression of the body are also the focus.

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  • NameWuyan Wuyu Dance
  • Address10 Naijiawan Lu (inside the Naijiawan Modern Art Center), Kunming
    昆明佴家湾路10 (佴家湾当代艺术中心院内)
  • MOBILE13759493447 (en), 13888165659
  • HoursMon-Fri: 7am-9pm
    Sat-Sun: 9:30am-6pm
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Wuyan Wuyu Dance • 10 Naijiawan Lu (inside the Naijiawan Modern Art Center)

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