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  • Address9 Hongshan Dong Lu, Backstreet Block, building 11-1, Kunming
  • Mobile13844981890 (English), 13608867905 (中文)
  • HoursDaily 11am-late (kitchen closes at 11pm)
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Cantina • Wine & Chat • 9 Hongshan Dong Lu, Backstreet Block, building 11-1


Schedule announcement:

Cantina will be open regular hours Monday and Tuesday, March 4-5 but the kitchen will close at 9pm. From 9-9.30pm we will be serving PIZZA ONLY.
We will be closed Wednesday, March 6.
Thursday, March 7 will be the same schedule as Monday and Tuesday.
Then, on the weekend of March 15-16, the kitchen will close at 9pm but pizza will be available until 10:30.
This schedule will continue until further notice.

CANTINA is Italian for WINE CELLAR. WINE & CHAT is the concept. This is the right place to get good wine from a large selection of many types. Meet your friends or make new ones!

Besides wine, we serve many of the most traditional family-style Italian dishes, together with our homemade gelato, tiramisu and much more.



have been there 4 time, nice place, good food, wine, nice people and atmosphere


The service is good and if the owner is there you can tell he wants everyone to have a good time. The food is good. Is it a Michelin restaurant? No - but this place is an oasis in the food desert of Kunming. It's good enough to remind you of home. It's good enough to be comforting.

This is the place I go to if I want Western comfort food. The owner has built a successful place with a good product in an almost hostile environment with very little available.

If I had any complaint it'd be the prices, but honestly it's not expensive enough where I feel ripped off. It is what it is - you want authentic food, you'll have to pay for it.

For any expat in town, this place should be in your regular rotation (if you have the money for it). This is about as good as it gets here.


I have to renew my comment i wrote a few month ago. I had a bad experience than but also I tried it again and I have to say it seems I had bad luck the first time. After this I had great food with real Italian taste. It was delicious and the service was great. Maybe because the boss was there not like in the first time where he was absent.


I went for pizza and wine yesterday. The service was good, on time, nice management. pizzas (4 cheeses & vegeterian) were tasty, handmade and fresh ingredients. the Chianti is on point, perfectly matched our experience.
authentic italian food 10000km far from italy for a decent price is respectable.