Notary and translation services.

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  • NameKunming Mingxin Notary Public Office
  • Address57 Huguo Lu, Huaerbei Building, block C, floors 3-6, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 63311999
  • FAX(0871) 63126481
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Kunming Mingxin Notary Public Office • 57 Huguo Lu, Huaerbei Building, block C, floors 3-6

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Pretty good place for getting all your documents translated and/or notarised. Note that there are a number of notaries in the building which you can find by going up the stairs (the elevators are impossible). But you have to find the stairs to do so... go in the door, head over to the right, go up the big wide stairs which head up a floor, turn right then right again into the elevator area and right again into the stairwells. Whew!

One point off for the elevators never being available and having to hike 7-9 flights of stairs (not good if you have to go 3-4 times a day like I often did!)