Newly opened in Dali, La Dolce Vita is a gourmet Italian restaurant specializing in reasonably priced high-end cuisine served in a beautiful and relaxed environment. All our food is made to order from the finest fresh ingredients, a choice of homemade pasta's are available alongside authentic pizzas, healthy salads, decadent mains and unhealthy desserts. A comprehensive selection of wines are the ideal complement to your meal and our Mediterranean style dining room and garden are the perfect settings for a lazy afternoon or a sophisticated evening.

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  • NameLa Dolce Vita
  • AddressArea 10, West Gate Village, old town, Dali
  • MOBILE13887232726
  • Phone(0872) 2677311
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La Dolce Vita • Area 10, West Gate Village, old town

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The 68 kuai Saturday night all-you-can-eat buffet is a terrific deal.

Steak, pork loin, chicken schnitzel, pizza, two kinds of salad, creme de caramel, cheesecake, and lots of other stuff.


Great food and a relaxed and inviting environment. As a long time resident of Dali I truly appreciate the addition of quality western fare. Management give the details the respect they deserve and are also very responsive to suggestions.


Excellent pizzas and pastas, as a regular customer I recommend La Dolce Vita to any tourist or permanent resident of Dali.


hey blue, thanks. that's the funniest review i've read in a long time.

By it a gourmet restaurant is a big word..ok they tried to make it nice and cozy..and it is, with all staff dressed properly, too. But talking about food...salad was just a far idea of a salad with frozen not eatable mushrooms; bread doesn't exist; pizza was really sad, bad cheese quality, squared shaped, a dough far to be authentic. Fresh pasta pappardelle were ok, but not dressed at all, cordon bleu were served instead...

..I'm just reading now the description here upon..(decadent mains and unhealthy desserts..:) ...
anyway remove also sophisticated evening..;)

we're all agree that western food in yunnan is on low levels, but let's not call gold the aluminum..