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  • Address19-1 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65392889
  • HoursDaily 10am-10pm
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Happy Kitchen • 19-1 Wenlin Jie



Food is great!

High quality pretty authentic Italian food.
For me sometimes to fine/fancy.
The higher prices are justified by the quality and the mostly imported ingredients.
It seems sometimes to me that the chinese cook is really understanding what he is doing.
6 stars

And the quality of the food is always at the same high level.
The chef is the boss and he is always there.

Nice Mediterranean atmosphere/style.
They just have to live more that Mediterranean hospitality.

You get what you have ordered.(Wenlin Jie !)
Just sometimes you may have a different opinion what it should be like.
When you have to wait longer it's because chef is or has to do every thing alone by himself.

Sometimes there isn't anything like service.
But you just have to tell them what you need (empty or remove the ashtray, napkins..), and they'll try in a very friendly way.

too little choice.
and too little alcohol in the long drinks/cocktails.



After opening in 2011, this small Italian restaurant has taken many steps backwards. Service is now slow, and the food took an hour to arrive and was under cooked. The space is somewhat cozy and boutique like, but given the prices, there just isn't enough value to recommend visiting. Our latest experience was finished off by the son of the owner deciding to drop his pants and 'water' the plant in the middle of the room.