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Single Pagoda • Top of Yita Xiang


One of Dali's iconic Bai-style towers, located west of the south city wall



Sorry Natsymir, but the information in your review is incorrect. You can actually go up to the single pagoda, and unlike the three pagodas, you can actually go inside it. There are some dangerous looking pieces of wood going up one corner that you could even use to climb up, but I wouldn't recommend it. If these are your photos, then I can see you have approached from the wrong direction. The way to reach it is to follow the road up along Dali's south wall. You will reach a big set of traffic lights on the Yunnan-Tibet 214 highway. Just cross straight over, and carry on up the hill. It is just 2 minutes from the crossing. Hope you get to see it on your next visit. To everyone else, if you don't want to pay for the 3 pagodas, and want a close-up look at a pagoda, then this is your place. It is free, and tourists don't go here, so you will have the place to yourself.


It looks cool for sure, but you can't even go near it as the entire area is a derelict building lot of some kind. This will probably change in the future, so I abstain from rating for now.