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  • NameAuntie's Blue Sky Shop
  • AddressKaiyuan Xiaoqu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 8229631
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Auntie's Blue Sky Shop • Kaiyuan Xiaoqu

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Some good prices, but the owners don't seem to understand how to ship or care for western food. Upon opening the package, the tortillas we bought had clearly been frozen or refrigerated, as they were stuck together and useless. A waste of 25 RMB and we won't be going back.


This has been my new favorite shop in Kunming for awhile now. Its located right by the old "Wicker Basket" so I usually go there and eat lunch and then go across the street to Auntie's to buy some good imported food. She has the lowest prices in town and Auntie is a truly wonderful lady. Also she accepts clothing donations for her hometown village. I highly recommend this shop if you want to save some money and get some good food!