1. Business Registration
2. Foreign Work Permit and Working Residence permit
3. Accounting and Tax Services
4. Trademark Registration, Patent Application
5. Translation Services
6. Legal Advice

About Us

Yunnan Yu-Cong Enterprise Management Co., Ltd is a Kunming-based firm that offers a complete range of services for foreign and local businesses. Since our founding in 2006, we have helped companies and individuals from across the globe doing business in China, with a focus on Yunnan and China.

What we provide

Whether you are an international company setting up a representative office or wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE), an international NGO that needs visas for foreign employees, a new company registering a trademark, or an established business looking for high-quality visa, legal, accounting, or consulting services, Yu-Cong has already helped other clients like you and will get the job done in an efficient and professional manner.

Business Services Expertise

In order to provide the best services, Yu-Cong collaborates with experienced international consulting companies from Holland, USA, Europe etc, who brings expertise in international taxation and legal issues, as well as organizational, administrative, and human resource development for foreign companies in China. They have more than twelve years of experience working in China.

Contact Yu-Cong

Call or write company founder Max Peng so that he and his experienced team can start moving your business forward:

Max Peng
Mobile: 13608881838



无论您是一家国外企业来中国设立代表处,或者成立外商投资企业,或者成立NGO,又或者是您需要办理外国人工作证和外国人居留许可,注册商标,申请专利,又或者是您需要专业、合法、高服务质量标准的财务和咨询管理服务, 云南玉琮企业管理有限公司已经帮助大量像您有此需要的客户,并且高效和专业完成您委托给我们的每一项工作。




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  • NameYunnan Yu-Cong Enterprise Management Co. Ltd.
  • AddressSouth Tower of Wanda Kunming Twin Towers, room 2610, Kunming
  • MOBILE13608881838
  • Phone(0871) 63321838
  • FAX(0871) 63321838
  • Hours8:30-noon
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I give only two stars because this is how I think about my personal experience with Yu-Cong. As a one-man-business, I tried to register a business, import products, and sell them online. It failed in the last step of the process because the government changed a policy and wouldn't give me a work permit.

This is the process for opening a business in Kunming:
1. Opening your Business

2. Monthly Accounting, and other tasks that "should" be done by the account but are also part of opening the business
3. Getting a work permit

In my case, I lost 85% of Yu-Cong total service fee because it failed in the last step, and they were unwilling to share any responsibility. I am not even talking about the additional thousands of RMB to get documents certified in my home country and shipped to China. So, if something goes wrong in the process, be sure that you will bear full responsibility.

■ What I later learned about the cost for opening a business in Kunming: Kunming is not Shanghai! You will find someone else for each step of the business opening process and accounting, who will charge you only HALF of Yu-Cong's prices. This will require some research and basic Chinese-speaking skills, but I believe is worth it eventually. Simply ask different foreign entrepreneurs with whom they are working and then compare yourself.

■ Although Yu-Congs prices are comparatively expensive, those prices should fine for any bigger businesses. Max's great English skills will make it a lot easier for you and I believe that overall Yu-Cong is reliable and professional.

■ Finally, what I learned from trying to do business in China: If you don't have several thousand USD cash, a clear business idea that has realistic chances to work in the Chinese market, at least a Bachelor degree, basic Chinese language knowledge, the willingness to continuously learn Chinese and a lot of patience and endurance - please don't even consider doing business in China!


A company that has been around for 13 years, which is a long time for most of its peers in China.
It provides you with reliable & professional services, it builds relationships with clients not only as partners, but also as friends and even close relatives.
To find out the way to avoid the risks of doing business in China, come to Yu-cong.


Yu- Cong Mr. Peng ( Max ) Is a rare business man in China, Profesional like him are not around that much.

He opens the doors needed to open and establish a business in China. He is always ready to serve, solve situations and give the right advice.

He is efficient, diligent, correct and honest, he get to put together an incredible team that make our life easy and aloud us to concretizes our expectations.

Is important to hi light his remarkable way of welcoming foreigner, never having any other intention than opening opportunities to both sides in a harmonious atmosphere, just let him know what you want to achieve in China and he will do the rest...Visas,connections,locations,logistic, accounting, government relationship,etc...

Any one that want to be successful in Yunnan must have Max as one of the tools to make things simple, faster and concrete.

His prices are completely competitive, I went around to verify it, no one offers you a better price and better service than Max Yo Cong


Updated review: Having worked with Max in several different capacities over the years, I don't hesitate to say that he is the best choice for any foreign enterprise of any size to register as a business in Kunming.


Yu-Cong Mr. Peng is very familiar with foreign invested company and smartly can do about this kind of related work. Any corporate Clint feel free can contact with him, if need as like related work