Dai restaurant near the north gate of Green Lake Park

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  • NameYingjiang Dai Restaurant
  • Address66 Cuihu Bei Lu, Kunming
  • Phone65337889
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Yingjiang Dai Restaurant • 66 Cuihu Bei Lu

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I have to agree that this place is great. The food is very spicy and very tasty, with complex, bold, delicious flavors. I had the old man potatoes, the lemon/chili shredded chicken, and a mushroom dish cooked in a banana leaf. All top-notch.


Very tasty Dai food here and an excellent location right next to Green Lake. Perfect for visiting friends, a walk around green lake then a visit to an authentically Yunnan style restaurant.

We had:
Chilli/Lemon shredded chicken (very very tasty)
Half'n'half fried Grasshopper/bamboo worm (quite tasty, if a little disgusting looking!)
Pineapple rice (a different type of rice - purple in colour and a lot more texture than plain rice, very good!)
Eggplant with peppers (not very spicy, cooked perfectly)

Cost: 160 quai (70 quai for the bugs, the most expensive dish)

All were very tasty. The decor was pretty good, the toilets were pretty clean, the price wasn't too bad. In addition the menu is brilliant, big full colour pics with English and Chinese (though the English is often a direct translation so you get some weird dish names), perfect for tourists and visitors.

The best thing about this place was the autocratic Dai grandma in the kitchen giving orders to all the chefs. As soon as I saw that, I knew I was going to be in for some good food :-)

All the workers seem to speak the Dai language (and Chinese of course), completely incomprehensible to lao wai learning Chinese or to standard Chinese speakers.