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  • NameMekong Café
  • AddressF1-104 Kingland International, Menglong Lu, Jinghong
  • Phone(0691) 2162395
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This was my first stop in Jinghong when I was cycling down south. I was hungry and in need of calories, so I ordered up the biggest burger on the menu: the imperial with added cheese.

I was sorely disappointed to see the sad pile of gooey beef and bread arrive, covered in half-melted cheese and not much bigger than two McDonald's cheeseburgers stacked on top of each other.

The best thing about this place are tourist informations, for everything else I suggest Meimei nextdoor or Wangtianshu a bit further in town.


we are at that cafe for third time, as usual badly managed one. We ordered beef stalions with blue cheese sauce, one of my friends got it after 1 hour but with black papper sauce and unchewablely old local beef. Welll my order never come for another half an hour more. At last, I asked them to cancel the order. Waiter who doesn't seen care nothing and no feedback from the owner who usually busy smoking or drinking all the time.


Nice place with a friendly owner who really cares about the quality of his food.