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  • NameMei Mei Café
  • AddressMenglong Lu, Jinghong
  • Phone(0691) 2161221
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Mei Mei Café • Menglong Lu

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food is not good.but the coffee i like.its a place to relax.


On my cycling tour through Yunnan into South-East-Asia, I've stopped regularly at Mei Mei for a bit and a lot of drinks.

The service is friendly, the location is great and the prices are reasonable. I'm over the moon about their brownies (served with ice cream) and coffee. Though I've not had everything on the menu, I was pretty impressed with the dishes I ordered.

Don't bother with Mekong café. Mei Mei is as good a place to rest, at night or in the afternoon and has the better food.


food is just so so, but better service than Mekong Cafe.