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Chicago Coffee is a family-run American style coffee house, specializing in coffee, espresso, frappes, and other beverages. We have the largest selection of freshly roasted coffee beans in Kunming, including Decaf, and we ship all over China.

芝城咖啡是一家美式家族咖啡企业, 特别专注于咖啡, 意式浓缩, 佛培和其他饮品. 我们有昆明最丰富的新鲜咖啡豆, 包括低咖啡因;同时向中国各地供应咖啡豆.

We also serve a large variety of fresh-baked pizza from 11-2 and 5-8. Saturday night features an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, starting at 5. Each Tuesday night we have an English Corner from 7:30 to 9. Thursday night is movie night from 7 to 9.

我们每天11:00-2:00;5:00-8:00为顾客提供新鲜多种的批萨. 每周六晚上5:00将为大家供应批萨自助餐. 每周二晚7:30-9:00为大家提供学习英语, 锻炼英语口语的英语角. 每周四晚上7:00-9:00是电影日.

Chicago Coffee's is conveniently located on the west side of Kunming, just south of WalMart and the Four Seasons Hot Springs Hotel on XingYuan Road close to #82 and #C65 bus stops.

芝城咖啡的地址为昆明西山区沃尔玛城市领地2栋B-13商铺, 临于兴苑路春夏秋冬酒店, 市内可乘82, C65于张家村站下车即可.

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  • NameChicago Coffee
  • AddressXingyuan Road, Chengshi Lingdi Residential Quarter, Building 2, Storefront B-13, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 5389228
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Chicago Coffee • Xingyuan Road, Chengshi Lingdi Residential Quarter, Building 2, Storefront B-13

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Loved the atmosphere. Tried the meat lover's pizza...amazing Chicago style, and the frappe...that would be my first REAL milkshake in China. Yum.

Looking forward to trying the coffees and fondue.


If you like a good THICK milkshake... try the frappe...


We went to Chicago Coffee a couple of days ago and it was a nice experience. The place is cozy with soft comfy chairs (I realized how much I have missed one since coming here) and they have a nice little collection of English language books in the corner consisting mainly of classics and travel litterature. I was looking forward to trying their advertized tortilla bar but it wasn't up and running that evening.

Instead we went for 2 12 inch pizzas -roast chicken and pepperoni- but we quickly realized that 1 would have been enough. Those things are heavy. I am mainly into Italian style pizza but Chicago's double layered pizzas are well worth a try. Their coffee seems to be a bit on the expensive side but people say good things about it and they have got a nice selection. I wouldn't mind dropping by again some day,, hopefully when they've got the tortilla thing going. English speaking staff btw.


The atmosphere at Chicago Coffee is amazing. It is obvious that a lot of time and hard work was put into it. You might think you're at a coffee shop back in the states. The colors are great and the place just feels relaxing. Due to a high ceiling, it also seems much more spacious than the places around Wenlin Jie. There is also a fireplace (fake), but still radiates heat. Curl up with a magazine (they have a pretty good collection...Sports Illustrated, Time, National Geographic, etc.) or a book from the book shelf and you might never leave!

As far as the coffee, it's usually great! A tad on the expensive side, but worth it. It's roasted on site, so I hear. They also had some imported sodas (Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke, etc.).

As for the food, the deep dish pizza has been around for a while (the place is called CHICAGO coffee, after all!), and it's pretty good and reasonably priced (30ish depending on what toppings). They also now have a Tortilla bar, which can do wraps, tacos, burritos, and fajitas. They're pretty tasty and also reasonably priced (14-16RMB). They also have soup of the day. The espresso brownies are to die for!


How can I get there if I am staying at Sakura Hotel?