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Looking for someone to fix my lenovo laptop...

stina (16 posts) • 0

I'm hoping to find someone to work on my lenovo laptop, and wondering if anyone has any recommendations?

It probably needs a fan replaced, and various other things done to it... it's been running much slower lately and I've done the basic cleanup stuff already, so needing someone more knowledgeable.

Hoping to find someone very competent, as I've had less than optimal experiences in the past. So thought I'd check here to see if I could get any leads before just walking into a random shop... Thanks!

Long-Dragon (393 posts) • 0

There is a Lenovo company repair place downtown. The number is 65170202. I would post a copy of the card here but cannot. PM me and I will send.

pitpan (6 posts) • 0

i know a lenovo service lies ground floor of Tianheng building,right near north station, dont hesitate send your laptop there, they'll take good care of it

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