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Best Place to buy a Canon DSLR

Ches21 (15 posts) • 0

I was wondering where in Kunming is the best place to purchase a new Canon DSLR, in terms of quality and price. I have looked into cameras sold at Walmart, Carrefour, and Suning, but I wanted to look some more before deciding.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

suning.com (which seem to have lower prices than the suning stores)

are you sure you need a DSLR? there are good, less bulkier options out there.

adaminkm (31 posts) • 0

If I were you I would buy in either Hong Kong or Singapore. Especially if you are buying anything high end. Prices there are quite competitive and a few shops have online shopping websites as well (you can check digitalrev.com they are based in Hong Kong). You will get international warranty and also piece of mind that you are buying a good quality camera. Just an idea.

Willie Gee (21 posts) • 0

Just buy one from the photography market at the intersection of XiChang Road and JinBi Rd. I find their prices to be lower than shops at the computer market. I've also found prices there to be noticeably cheaper than in the USA. In the market there are only a few shops selling cameras, so JUST make sure you KNOW HOW TO BARGAIN when you go so that it doesn't affect prices for me when I go there for future purchases.

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