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bus to Menglian

geraldine (3 posts) • 0

Hello Could you please help me with this bus schedule : I'll be arriving on my own from sichuan and need to go straight from Kunming to a small place called Menglian to meet friend. Preferably a direct bus. I know it's from south station but I can't find the schedules. My chinese is very poor so I plan as much as possible in advance thanks !

ludwig (104 posts) • 0

Menglian is one of the furthest destinations from Kunming and one of the few county towns that does not have a day bus to Kunming, however AFAIK there are two sleeper busses a day from the southern station, one leaving around 3pm, the other around 6pm.

Photos of the time tables from the southern station at www.yunnanexplorer.com/transport/station/kunming-south/

Best to buy tickets in advance from one of the ticket agents in the city center, but if you do not have time for this, just head down to the southern station which is a long way from central Kunming. Should the busses be sold out, you can also travel to Lancang 澜沧 which is only one hour from Menglian and connections are easy.

geraldine (3 posts) • 0

Thank you Ludwig, perfect info !

One last thing I forgot to mention and really would like to know is how many hours will it take ? approx of course. thanks.

ludwig (104 posts) • 0

Both busses will arrive sometime the next morning, I would estimate the travel time to be 12-15 hours: about 6-8 hours to Puer (Simao, all expressway), then another 4-5 to Lancang (a smaller road with not much traffic), and another 2 to Menglian (another smaller road, plus the bus might stop in Lancang for breakfast). Sleeper busses sometimes take their time, but you should be there before noon the next day.

If you wanted to travel faster, take a plane to Simao (can be pretty cheap), then a bus from there. If you took a morning flight, you could be in Menglian in the evening.

geraldine (3 posts) • 0

Thanks very much Ludwig,

Having the proper info, I feel better about this. I had seen the site (yunnan explorer) but didn't notice the bus schedules were available.

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