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Xinjiang food?

OceanOcean (1173 posts) • 0

If you want XJ snack food (noodles etc) rather than a full restaurant, I recommend a place on the west side of FengZhu street. This is a small road, parallel to JianShe Lu, just round the corner from Robert's School (which is itself on LongXiangJie). In other words it's just 2 minutes walk from WenLingJie. Can't read the name of the place, but it has a large green hording above the open plans seating with arabic letters on. Lots of pictures of all the dishes they serve are up on the wall. It's always very busy at lunch and dinner, which is a good sign. I've eaten there dozens of times and never been disappointed.

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

The one blobbles linked is the best in Kunming. Pricey and still no where near as good as Shanghai or Xian in my opinion.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

in Beijing, there seemed to be a uighur restaurant in practically every neighborhood.

Chingis (242 posts) • 0

Around my place there are at least 20 or 30 authentic Uyghur restaurants selling kebabs, pilaf, nan, and kavas etc. Fantastic stuff!

Geezer (1931 posts) • 0

It isn't as good as XinJiang either but is is the best I have found in Kunming. I will check out the place Ocean mentions.

DanTheMan (600 posts) • 0

Interesting side note to break up Chingis' lovable douchebaggery: a lot of the food you get at "Xinjiang" restaurants outside of Xinjiang is not Uighur or even from Xinjiang. Infractor numero uno is 大盘鸡. A pretty interesting edition of the Sinica podcast recently for those are into food: popupchinese.com/[...]

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