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Blood Cuisine

tommann (423 posts) • 0

I am looking for some different sort of cuisine in Kunming for my food blog. I have done bugs, tree bark, flowers, roots, etc. I was wondering, is there a restaurant somewhere in town that makes dishes with blood as a main ingredient, or at least an ingredient? I know some mi xian shops have a pig's blood dish, but is there anywhere that sort of specializes in this?

Onmyway (3 posts) • 0

Hi,as I know there's a special Hani (哈尼族,an ethnic group in Yunnan) dish which is made directly by uncooked goat blood. Try to find a Hani restaurant in Kunming and you may find one that sells the dish.For example,you may find a Hani restaurant beside Yunnan Committee of Minority Affairs in Zongshuying(棕树营). If can not find it in Kunming, you may go to visit Honghe County (红河县)directly, where you can find a lot of restaurants that provide the dish.

Ifoundthetuna (370 posts) • 0

You probaby tried it already, but there is blood tofu, I think it's duck blood. It's used in tons of different dishes.

I heard of a minority or even more of a tribe in one of those villages around Dali that still eats raw meat, which is somehow preserved in the soil over a period of time. Saw it in a documentary about this American Japanese guy travelling the routes of Zhang He and Marco Polo, National Geographic I think it was. Great docu by the way.

That would be most def some very special Yunnan cuisine.

tommann (423 posts) • 0

Also, is there anywhere in Kunming where I can get genuine bird's nest soup, and know that it is the real thing?

mike4g_air (788 posts) • 0

In Southern Yunnan I've had cooked chicken blood with rice, very tasty.
It was like a paddie. The rice was previously steamed and then added and cooked with the blood.

At another spring festival BBQ a bowl of coagulated uncooked pig's blood was placed on our table, not the most appetizing dish.

Natsymir (101 posts) • 0

I bet Heavenly Manna has blood in their sweet and sour sauce and their 'russian soup'; it sure tastes of it. In general they probably have blood dishes on the menu given how large it is.

东二Something小餐厅, the next restaurant I'm gonna review on my shabbiness blog, also has blood dishes on the menu (one, at least, and this is know for certain). It's located inside a 小区 directly east of the food street east of Yunda. It's also happen to be Kunming's supreme restaurant in terms of value-for-the-money, so definitely worth a visit.

Makye Ame also used to have basically everything that's weird and animalic, but they recently streamlined their menu and took away some of the really odd items (I think they don't have yak testicle soup anymore, for example), so I dunno if they have blood dishes.

Onmyway (3 posts) • 0

Beside Yunnan university, in Qinyun Str. there's a place called Yueyan Zhijia(越燕之家), they serve genuine bird's nest soup.

gbtexdoc (217 posts) • 0

>>"Also, is there anywhere in Kunming where I can get genuine bird's nest soup, and know that it is the real thing?"

I don't know about getting it here, but you can get it in Jianshui, or more accurately just outside of Jianshui at the swallow caves 燕子洞。Thousands of the birds spend the summer months there in the course of their migration to Indonesia and Malaysia. They harvest the nests from niches in the rock walls.

I had some there about a month ago, served at a snack bar inside the cave. It's probably sold somewhere in Jianshui as well, but I don't know where to ask.

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