Converting Working Visa into Tourist visa

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I am working at Shandong Province, China now and my contract will be finish on July 23 and so my visa.I want to go to Kunming for I heard It's a nice province.And find a job there.But I want to have a sight-seeing first..

So could it be possible to get tour visa here in China?And how?Will I get in here or in Kunming?

Thank You~~I hope you could help me..

Geezer (1931 posts) • 0

Is this a spoof?

Looks like a Chinese student wrote this. Rosane, if you are an English teacher, I apologize.

GoK caught someone with eight accounts posting BS reviews. I suspect checking the IP address is how this was detected. Check this one.

If a teacher is assigning students to post here posing as foreigners, shame on you! You ought to try doing a better job of teaching. Also, difficult as it is, try showing some respect to the members of the GoK community.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

The syntax is wrong.

I am working in Shandong Province, China. My contract will be finish on July 23rd. and so will my visa. I want to go to Kunming because I've heard It's a nice province and I hope to find a job there.However, I want to go sight-seeing first. Is it possible to get a tourist visa here in China and how? Can I get it here or in Kunming?
Thank You~~I hope you could help me..

@Rosane I concur with Geezer. If you are a teacher, you must be teaching children.

Geezer (1931 posts) • 0

This might be helpful (prepared to help accounting students write resumes)

, Never a space before
. Never a space before
; Never a space before
: Never a space before
? Never a space before
& or ( Always a space before
, Always a space after
. Always a space after
; Always a space after
: Always a space after
? Always a space after
& or ( Always a space after

Actually, PM me for pdf, or ppt versions of my classic presentations "Doing a Student Resume" or "Don't Say This" or "What NOT to do in a RESUME" I have read thousands of resumes to hire a couple of hundred people. Not many people realize what the main use of a resume is.

Dazzer (2806 posts) • 0

I have seen English used in this way before. Usually by people who describe themselves as 'native' English speakers, but they from countries that do not use 'standard' English.

Rosane (2 posts) • 0

I apologize. When I started typing about this I didn't think about the grammar or...I just thought that I could just deliver it to you. To clear things out, I am an English teacher, Indeed.
This is not a scoof. Anyway, Thanks for the advice.

blueice (73 posts) • 0

Welp, it's settled. Rosane said that it's "not a scoof."

Sometimes I wish I could just type about an online post before delivering it.

Maley (5 posts) • 0

Hi Rosane,

You can check on this website: www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/forum/50-visa-issues/

Or try to find the Public Security Bureau Exit & Entry Certificates Service (Visa) Office of your province. Maybe the school where you teach can help you too.

And for the other members: English is not all our native language. I agree that if you are an english teacher, you should have a better knowledge of syntax, orthography or even typography (even some natives are noob when it's about page layout in US english, UK english, not to mention it changes in other languages - Informatic stuff is an other world and has its own language!). But when you are European or non-native-english-speacker and also wanted to earn some money in China, it is easier to find English teaching job.

Rosane, hope you will find a way to discover the Yunnan!

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