Getting chinese visa in Laos

nivasik (5 posts) • 0

We were thinking about getting new chinese visa and the cheapest way seems to be going to Laos. Is it possible to get visa-on-arrival on the border?If anyone has any information about it, share please))

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

This whole Visa thing is a pain. I wish there was a 'Visa' button information on this site.

Pongtong (3 posts) • 0

Yes, you can get a visa on arrival on the Mohan-Boten border. If possible, pay in USD (30 USD). RMB or THB are also accepted, but at very bad rates. Take a picture of you with you as well, otherwise they charge a fee, normally just 1 USD, so not a big deal. On weekends they charge another 1-2 USD for their "weekend overtime";-)

Anyhow, can you provide your nationality to make sure that I didn't tell you anything wrong...?

AlexKMG (2362 posts) • 0

The real cheapest way is to extend your visa for 30 days with the Kunming PSB. But visiting Laos is a good thing too.

AlexKMG (2362 posts) • 0

Oh they charge different visa prices for different countries. But it's somewhere between $25-$55 USD depending on your citizenship. Most countries are around $35 USD.

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