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Cheese! Where?

tommann (423 posts) • 0

abcdabcd, please read the forum guidelines, and refrain from disrupting threads. Thanks.

Chingis (242 posts) • 0

I concur with Blobby on that Irish "Kerry Gold" I think its called. The vintage stuff in particular is excellent cheddar.
But whats with the bad blood between ABC and tonmann?

Edit: I've just read some of your other recent posts "tonmann" and they appear to possibly be slightly trollish in nature. Anyway enjoy the cheese, but the jury is out...

akula (2 posts) • 0

Kerry Gold is ok, but I think Mainland is far, far superior. It's a NZ cheese, you can get it at the Walmart on Beijing Lu (10-15 min walk north of Beichen). Possibly other Walmarts too? Anyway, if you like nice, strong cheddars, their Vintage is fantastic.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Hey akula how much is the mainland stuff? As a kiwi I also think NZ cheese is superior but won't buy it if its heinously priced.

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

This may sound odd, but -

I saw mozerella cheese, in blocks, for sale on Taobao. Delivered express and packed in dry ice. Before anyone scoffs, lots of live seafood is shipped this way in China.

akula (2 posts) • 0

I can't remember exactly but the Mainland Vintage is somewhere around 35 to 40 kuai. It's a larger block than Kerry Gold too, so per gram it's about the same, or a bit cheaper. NZ dairy products forever!

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