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Buying a Kindle in KM

ShiFang (9 posts) • 0

Hey folks,

The other threads about Kindle weren't that recent and considering things change at breakneck speed here, I decided to start a new one.

I'm considering buying a Kindle Paperwhite in KM. Any recommendations on where to go for an authentic Kindle? I want to buy it in a shop, not online. And does anybody have experience getting new foreign language ebooks in China?

Thanks and Peace out!

ludwig (104 posts) • 0

You would not even be able to get the new Kindle in the US right away, so your chances of getting a genuine product right now here in KM are pretty slim.

I had seen them on offer on taobao — before the Kindle Paperwhite had even been announced by Amazon. Buyer beware.
Plenty of other ebook readers available at the computer malls near 121大街.

Geezer (1953 posts) • 0

The Kindle Paperwhite is due to ship October 22nd. I suggest the 3G version which costs more but gives you another way to obtain content. I bought a WIFI router, about 200 yuan, so I can connect my phone, laptop and tablet and it works well. 3G would have provided more convenient access if I had bought it.

Getting books is easy even without WIFI or 3G. You can download from Amazon then USB transfer to the Kindle. A VPN gives gives you access but you might also need a US credit card.

Kindles will also play most MOBI books. Get a get free program called Calibre to convert and deDRM ebooks. You can also cut and paste text with the built in Calibre reader.

ludwig is right, be careful of buying Kindles in China. Maybe a Western language capable tablet/ebook reader cpuld work for you.

filipd (12 posts) • 0

Got my Kindle two months ago from Taobao (the older version). It came in the original box and it works like a charm. I was able to register it with Amazon without a problem...so let's not assume that all sellers on Taobao are crooks and criminals. Most of them make millions selling on Taobao and don't really want to have their reputation tarnished. Yes, there are a few crooks around, but with a bit of research you are able to find reputable sellers.

A lot of Taobao sellers pre-sell hot products...so that is why the Paperwhite was available before it was released. Obviously it will be shipped once the seller has it in stock. Again, a bit of research is needed before jumping to conclusions.

Finally, I've bought a lot of items off Taobao (including an iPad and various other electronic gadgets) and never had a problem. You have 7 days to try it out and if you're not satisfied, 100% refund.

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