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101 Good Reasons to live in China

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

@blobbles Wow! Your so right.
@zhulaoye Maybe it's time for you to leave if all you can see are these things and if it make you uncomfortable. This is Chinese culture. Deal with it or you will live a miserable life in a place that from you posts indicates you're not happy.I sure wouldn't want to be you or in your head. Wow!
As Blobbles stated, read the thread. It clearly states: "101 Good Reasons to live in China".

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Aliens is number 113. NUMBER YOUR ANSWERS PLEASE PEOPLE! We had an incident about page 5 where someone had to recount them all!

zhulaoye (83 posts) • 0

"Please read the thread title and abide by the theme or continue to be flamed by me and others."

If you were a human being whose opinions meant much to me or others (does not seem you have a huge fan club here really) then your threat of flaming me would matter. You are not and it dies not so flame away. Last time I skimmed these threads any one and every one did as they wished and typically a thread's topic is lost on the first page. Hardly seems I am alone in that regard.

I think I am fine and I do not want you I my head and I will eave when I feel like it. I have looked over your posts on other threads and you are no Polly Anna yourself so quite acting so high and mighty. Your whine as much as the next guy.

And did I post one falsehood? No.

zhulaoye (83 posts) • 0

But fair enough. I do not want to be a spoil sport. I want to feel good and get a virtual hug from all my sincere GK forum "friends" too, so:

1) Buddhist temples and Buddhist practice in general.

2) Folk music played on traditional instruments.

3) The language (though my skills are nothing to brag about). It is interesting, though hard for me, and I love 汉字。I ahve taught myself to recognize over two characters.

4) Most (not all) students. They are kindly and curious.

5) Most Chines people are fairly friendly and kind. I can carry on simple conversations with taxi drivers and street vendors.

6) I like pirated movies and CDs and software. I like PPTV and other streaming video sites. Really cool.

7) I like traveling cheaply and seeing things I would never have seen back home on two or three days of vacation a year.

8) I do like, specifically, the weather of Kunming. I have less allergy problems here than back home or in other parts of China I have lived.

9) I like the cheap taxis and public transportati0n though I usually avoid sardine can buses. But, I have ridden in many packed buses. That means I have gone native.

10) I love most all of Asia and its mystique and spiritual side. While China has lost some of that since the Mao era it has enough for me to keep me interested for a lifetime.

11) And lastly, I love the warm ex-pat community and the out reach I get from the warm fellowship of places like GoKunming. I know if I was down on my luck and losing everything or dying from cancer I could lean on the kind-hearted folks here for support. I love all of you.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

zhulaoye - ye who will never follow a simple discussion, refuses to follow simple instructions and clearly hasn't read the previous 113, you rebel you:

1-2 - New!
3 - done already!
4 - New!
5 - done already (or close enough to not count twice!)
6 - New!
7 - 8 done already (or close enough to not count twice!)
9 - done already!
10 - New!
11 - done already (or close enough to not count twice! But I believe this was sarcasm anyway...)

mmkunmingteacher - done already!

So that is 117... 4 to go!

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0


118 There's no hoodie wearing, pants drooping thuds walking around using Ebonics selling drug on the corners.

mmkunmingteacher (561 posts) • 0

Liu, what is wrong with the English dialect known as Ebonics? How is it different than, say, Kunminghua?

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