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101 Good Reasons to live in China

Daithi (426 posts) • 0

@ blobbles U Sir are a genius for resurrecting this thread!! Very timely! Heres a few reasons I love China. In no particular order......

1) People are super friendly here.
2) Endless number of fantastic sights to visit.
3) Hanzi, altho obv very tough to master, are fascinating and beautiful.
4) Many Chinese women are stunningly beautiful.
5) I see/learn something different everyday. Like for example I see someone on an ebike and their passenger is facing backwards. Gives me a kick everytime :)
6) The cost of loving is relatively cheap.
7) I dont suffer from an oppressive religious dogma/atmosphere.

8) University tuition is very low and jobs are easy to find, affording a lot of freedom and flexibilty.
9) I love Hupiqingjiao. Thats Tiger skin peppers.
10) The standard of teaching in my uni is excellent.

Thats 10 anyway. Dozens more possible!

Sarah1988 (22 posts) • 0

I dont want to rain on anyone's parade, but most of the points mentioned are not valid for me. I guess it really depends on where you come from.
Back in Germany we have an excellent health care system, we dont have tuition fees so uni is for free, we have the lowest prices for food in the whole of Europe so actually I pay more for my fruit and veg in China than in Germany, the quality of apartments and products in relation to prices is also much better home. And of course a skilled worker wearing a suit is kind of funny, but I'm more worried because of safety reasons (those polyester suits can easily catch fire and cannot protect the worker at all in any aspect). The carelessness and indifference for me at least is rather a reason not to like China in general. Not to mention the pollution. So from that point of view, home is way much better than Kunming.

So why am I in China and why do I like it here?
The only reason why I'm in China and why I like it here, especially in Kunming, is the language and the culture. Getting a new perspective on things and learning about their society that's the most important thing for a social scientist like me.

No other reason needed ;-)
Ok, the good weather, the ethnic minorities, everything is rather laid back, easy access to all the nice places to see and you can meet people from all over the world may add to it.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0


1 - Done already
2 - Done already
3 - New!
4 - Done already
5 - 10 - New!

So you added 7, we are up to 111 (as I don't think Dazzer was serious!)

redjon77 (510 posts) • 0

After living in London so long, blue sky (almost pure blue) most days is such a happy, uplifting thing as to always give my soul a boost!
The variety of food here i also love compared to back home not having to much difference in the weekly food grab :)

baoandi (16 posts) • 0

As a new arrival to this forum and (I hope) soon to-be new arrival in Kunming, I am pleased to see this thread has been resurrected.

OceanOcean (1193 posts) • 0

112 I'm going to add the way Chinese people are so outgoing to others' kids. So many smiles and kind words from complete strangers as I walk anywhere with my baby. (None of the crzy western angst about "paedo grooming" and the like).

zhulaoye (83 posts) • 0

1) I like the way in China being a belligerent and asinine alcoholic is socially acceptable and can even help to further you career.

2) I like the way in China you do not have to obey traffic laws and those pesky pedestrians no longer have the right of way.

3) I like how in China parents, teachers and babysitters can beat and abuse and sexually molest kids and nothing happens. Look at those nonexistent stats on child abuse. Hard to be arrested over something not regarded as a crime. Love it.

4) I like the way in China you can just whizz on the sidewalk or up along a wall in public (well, if you're Chinese anyway) and no one will call the cops on you.

5) I like how here you can spit on floors in restaurants or even hold one nostril closed and blow snot out on a restaurant floor and no one cares. Wonderful.

6) I love how in China they still use DDT like chemicals and not only that they spray crops with phosphorous, to prevent the DDT from coming off with rain water ( or dirty tap water either).

7) I love how in china sometimes after a long bus or train ride you get to a city and and are refused room after room because because you're a foreigner. Wish we could do that back in the states.

8) I love the way you walk by a group of guys here in China sometimes and one them yells " f**k you" at your back. Makes me fell so welcome.

9) I love the way in China children are drug out of school to work in factories and the government allows it. Advanced thinking there.

10) I love the cheap plastic products in China that break an hour after buying them.

11) but most of all ( I could go on and on, there are so many marvels in China) I love the way women here wear black panty hose as if they were pants, and walk around with their underwear exposed underneath. They are very "fashion" ladies.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

I love how people who can't seem to read the titles of threads post negative comments on a positive thread and positive comments on a negative threads. And these are supposedly "educated" westerners!

If you want to actually be useful to others, create a thread entitled "11 reasons why I hate China" and post your stupid responses on there. Please read the thread title and abide by the theme or continue to be flamed by me and others.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

I love the way in China, after you've been here a number of years, you don't have to waste your mental energy with questions about liking or disliking 'China' all the time, but can relax and go about your business and follo your interests. Sort of like becoming accomodated to where you are anywhere else on the planet.

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