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Any Epat mothers that have birthed in Kunming?

matty (14 posts) • 0

My wife and I are moving to Kunming soon. She is due w/our second a few months later.
Are there any western mothers that have birthed in KM? Or in Thailand?

Please help us! We need info...

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Jess_KM (14 posts) • 0


I am an American and I had my baby in Kunming in October. He was healthy and everything went smoothly. I had all my prenatal care and ultrasounds and had my baby at Kunhua Hospital, which is near JinMaJiBi (close to The Hump). The doctors were great. If your wife does give birth in China, be prepared for no epidurals -- most hospitals do not offer them here. E-mail me if you want more info! jesslarsonwang at


Ahmet (98 posts) • 0

While I obviously have not given birth in Kunming (or anywhere else :)) I did have an emergency appendectomy at the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical College. The procedure was done under an epidural at my request (though the anesthesiolgist bungled the nerve root leve. Yes, I survived and yes, they did save my life. However, the conditions at the hospital are deplorable; third-world, at best. I think you are taking a major risk by planning to give birth in China, especially if any complications arise.

Brian (17 posts) • 0

You should check out Ram Hospital in Chiang Mai. I have some friends who live in KM who had a baby there less than a month ago. They were very satisfied with the doctors and the process in general. It's only an hour flight from Kunming, and it is much more western than anything you would get in China unless you go to Beijing (Beijing prices = same as US by the way). Ram is also much cheaper than Beijing, Bangkok or Hong Kong.

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