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Bread in Kunming

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Not to familiar with the Kunming bread situation anymore because I simply make my own bread, but as far as I know “good bread”, that is bread without a sweet flavour like all Chinese breads, is available at Igor’s bakery and it is sold as well at Salvadors/Mimosa.

The Wicker Basket shops as well sell a rather bland but not sweet loaf of bread.

A friend of mine gets quite good results himself with a bread making machine, like me, he buys his ingredients on line.

I don’t know about German bread but pumpernickel style bread is available online of the Jason brand which is not bad and at least not sweet.

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I was pleasantly surprised when I just recently discovered that they had Roggenvollkornbrot and Sonnenblumenbrot at the Hema grocery store in shuncheng mall (盒马顺城购物中心). Don't know if that's what you mean by German bread, but thought I'd mention it. :)

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BON APPÉTIT bakery chain in Kunming recently contracted a supposed big deal French pastry chef to upgrade their inventory. The Frenchman was flexing his culinary muscles on douyin livestream in front of BON APPÉTIT bakers. Expect a few new varieties from their stores in the near future.

A basket of baguettes was seen next to above-mentioned German bread at Hema grocery inside Metown shopping center at the intersection 白龙路 and 白塔路. Both didn't appear sweetened.

Grand Hyatt Hotel is coming to Kunming (at Spring66 Tower 2). Looking forward to their restaurants and baked goods:


fabey (124 posts) • 0

The bread war has begun. At Park 1903 shopping center near Dianchi, a yeast race for Kunming boulangerie (bakery shop) supremacy has started.

Just Hot just opened their fanciest boulangerie and cafe in town at 1903. Equipped with a fancy, imported Spanish kiln stone oven churning out traditional poilâne sourdoughs at 400 degrees for authentic texture and flavor. They even house an open natural yeast room with jars on display. Supposedly, they use imported ingredients like Belgian chocolates and flour. Unlike the typical Just Hot shops, a sandwich maker and barista are present here, with seating areas for patrons.

50 meters away sits the fanciest Bon Appetite bakery in town. Like Just Hot, they integrated a cafe with European style small rounded tables and seating.

150 meters away is by far Kunming's prettiest Jiahua bakery standing three-storey tall and designed like a cathedral with many seating areas. Aptly called "Jiahua Best" for their high-end atmosphere, they serve exquisite desserts not seen in other Jiahua stores.

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