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coming for Spring Festival, want to cycle

ksmcqueen (96 posts) • 0

Hi, I'm coming to Kunming from January 23-30, I live in Chongqing where people don't ride bikes, so I'm very interested in doing a 3-4 day bike trip in Yunnan. Where's the best place to start? Where's the best place to go? I can take a bus to another city from Kunming if there's a better starting point. I'm in decent shape, though I haven't ridden a bike seriously in like 8 months since I've been in CQ. Any info or tips would be great!

debaser (631 posts) • 0

2 days: www.gokunming.com/[...]

4 days: www.gokunming.com/[...]

both good rides and fairly easy to follow the routes. you could try something a bit more adventurous i guess... have a search through the forums.

don't know if you've experienced this but the drivers themselves often decide the charge for taking a bike on the bus here (as luggage). in the past it has varied from Y10 to over Y100 for me.

also, a small group of us cycle through the mountains surrounding kunming most weeks and you'd be welcome to come along if you're about when we go (not planned that far ahead). PM me if you want to come.

Fried (24 posts) • 0

the routes which debaser listed above are the classic ones, u could also do 2-3day trips around Kunming, like Fuxian lake or Tulin.

If you r up for day trips around Kunming give me a call, 15288236834 or e-mail me [email protected]

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

i'd say the 4-dayer to Dali is ill-advised if you've "not ridden a bike seriously in 8 months". day three of that ride is a shocker, surface-wise. also, going north/higher brings a higher chance of wet/cold.

i'd suggest riding south (Jinghong or Hekou as possible targets) or staying near Kunming. a pretty straightforward 4-dayer based near Kunming is as follows: Day 1 Kunming to Yuxi; Day 2 Yuxi to Gushan; Day 3 lap of Fuxian Lake (this allows you to ride a day unloaded); Day 4 Gushan to Kunming (this has a fairly challenging climb, and some shoddy surface).

i'd offer to send you KMLs of this, but i don't have them with me now (i'm on a bike trip) - Fried (above) has copies of them, and he knows the roads involved. just don't let him talk you into any of his silly 200km+ per day monkey business...

Fried (24 posts) • 0

Ha ha, is that you Matthew? How is your trip? Where are you?
I got Kml`s of the trip which hedgepig mentioned above, if you want we do it together, i might be free around end of Jan.

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