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Anyone interested in volunteering on the weekends?

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

Perhaps some more information is needed.

e.g. Would anyone like to volunteer to give up a kidney?

Would anyone like to volunteer to clean my bathroom?

Would anyone like to give up their weekends to play Call of Duty on a PC with surround sound? Beer for the winner.

Call of Duty (38 posts) • 0

I will clarify

ive done some charity work when i was studying at HKU.

im going to start working in KM soon and want to continue to do some charity work on the weekend, like teaching rural kids English, helping out the local home for the elderly, etc.

nothing too time consuming since im sure we all have a full time job (i know i do, 11-12hrs/day) and want to relax for the better part of the weekend.

on another note,

i wouldnt mind some COD tho, but it will have to be on consoles PS3/xbox cuz my work comp is shit (no independent graphics card)

anyone want to play some COD?

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